Community Supported Art – Shares to go on sale this Thursday, July 19th at 10:00AM

Press Contact: Cindy Stockton Moore, cindystocktonmoore@gmail.com

Philadelphia, PA – Grizzly Grizzly and Tiger Strikes Asteroid (TSA) are pleased to release pre-sale details of our
inaugural Community Supported Art program. The shares – of which only fifty are for sale to the public – are
expected to go quickly upon the opening of the season on Thursday, July 19th at 10AM. At the close of this
release, you will find a full press packet with detailed descriptions of each proposed project and bio for each of
the nine participating artists.

Selected for their quality of work and diverse modes of creating, each of the nine local artists brings something
distinctly different to the project. All are committed to cultivating contemporary art and community in
Philadelphia. The work ranges from jewelry to printmaking to painting to photography to sculpture to site-
specific installation to sound art. The artists are: Sarah Kate Burgess, Anda Dubinkis, Jacob Feige, Sarah Gamble, Brian Giniewski, Ivanco Talevski, Brent Wahl, Douglas Witmer, and Linda Yun.

The first pick-up event will feature three varied artworks, setting the tone for the entire share. Jacob Feige will
make 50 limited edition custom-pressed vinyl records, each with individually printed and painted covers; Douglas
will paint abstract color fields on found school papers; and Brent Wahl will create a suite of new
photographs based on illusion and depth perception strategies.

The second pick-up event will include three artists who are all making three-dimensional works. Sarah Kate
will handcraft delicate paper rings that come with a do-it-yourself template for shareholders to make
and adapt as their own; Brian Giniewski will make a series of works on paper with a ceramic 'paperweight' on
top; and Linda Yun's conceptual work will be site specific and installed in collectors' homes after individual

The third and final pick-up event presents three artists that all use printmaking as a starting point. Anda
will create realistically depicted insects in patterned, flat foliage in her one-of-a-kind mixed media
prints; Sarah Gamble will print and then hand-paint fifty completely unique works; and Ivanco Talevski will be
print a series of five etchings, richly black-on-white, that reflect his mastery of the medium and the narrative of
his cultural heritage. Anda and Ivanco will co-lead with the master printers of Second State Press for a
printmaking demonstration during the pick-up event.

In a further commitment to community, the artists have agreed to complete 59 actual works – nine of which they
will share among themselves. As CSA Artist Anda Dubinskis reflects, "I think that most of the artists involved in
this project are embracing a more adventurous and generous position- embellishing or redacting the original,
leading to an edition that evolves from the point of departure to an exploration of possibilities."

Click here to download the full press packet


Community Supported Art is a joint program of Grizzly Grizzly and Tiger Strikes Asteroid.