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About Us

Grizzly Grizzly & CO. is comprised of Grizzly Grizzly members Talia Greene, Amy Hicks, Michael Konrad, Ephraim Russell, Cindy Stockton Moore, Josh Weiss, and fellow artists Jaime Alvarez, Anne Schaefer, and Mary Smull.  As a group, we are dedicated to cultivating an open, authentic, and deep connection between artists and collectors through programming at Grizzly Grizzly and projects city-wide.


  Jaime Alvarez makes photographs of objects because they tell him what to do.
He is the official photographer of CSA Philly.
  Talia Greene explores history, design, and the natural world in her wallpapers, prints, and site-specific projects. She is the press coordinator for the CSA and a member of Grizzly Grizzly.
  Amy Hicks is a visual-media artist and educator. Her work in video, installation, and photography comments on contemporary society’s engagement with spiritualism, metaphysics, and pragmatism despite the overwhelming presence of hard-edged technology. She is a member of Grizzly Grizzly; for the CSA project she helps with finance and events.

Michael Konrad is an artist and educator who reuses and recreates the materials of the urban landscape into objects and shelters that anticipate and thrive within a state of environmental or social collapse. Also a member of Grizzly Grizzly, Michael’s role in the CSA is that of Artist Coordinator.

  Ephraim Russell is a Philadelphia based artist and educator whose sculpture and installation is focused on manipulating the aesthetics of function to rearrange cultural assumptions that define our relationship with the utilitarian objects we surround ourselves with. Joining the CSA project as a member of Grizzly Grizzly, his role includes shareholder communication and grantwriting.
  Anne Schaefer is a painter and installation artist concerned with the calculated manipulation of color, pattern and form to create perceptually immersive experiences for the viewer. She manages branding and print design for CSA Philadelphia.   
  Mary Smull is an artist working in textile and performance with a focus on the role of labor, technology, and craft in the 21 st century. She is the finance manager of the CSA.
  Cindy Stockton Moore is an artist who uses ink to create large drawings and small animations that explore the lure and danger of the natural world.  A member of Grizzly Grizzly since 2011, Cindy handles the web design and helps out with press for CSA.

Josh Weiss is a painter working in the greater Philadelphia area. His paintings
explore abstract environments populated with organic forms and diverse
surfaces. He is also an Associate Teaching Professor at the Westphal College of
Media Arts & Design. Josh’s role in the CSA is that of Events Coordinator.

Community Supported Art is program of Grizzly Grizzly and Co.