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  Studio Visit with Lucia Thomé

When CSA organizers, Mary Smull and Ephraim Russell, visited Lucia Thomé in her Kensington studio she was in the process of developing a mother-mold for slip casting the ceramic sculpture she is editioning for CSA. Lucia was also in the process of setting up a new kiln in preparation to fire her work, and we were extremely excited to see how committed she is to exploring a new process and material specifically for her CSA edition. Lucia is a consummate craftsman, and at the heart of her studio is a table saw, accompanied by the countless tools that an artist like Lucia uses to make, well, just about anything. A hallmark of her work, whether a brazed steel replica of a plastic milk crate or mini painted wooden sculptures of carpentry tools, is most definitely craftsmanship and humor. Lucia imbibes just about everything she touches with her artistic wit, unpredictable material combinations, and a clear mastery of materials and process

Noting her long-term interest in early American painter Edward Hicks and his painting, Peaceable Kingdom, Lucia spoke about the concept for her CSA project:

“I was researching Hicks’ painting for a previous project, after seeing the work in PAFA’s permanent collection. And there was something about the lion in the painting and its crazy eyes and he keeps showing up in all the different versions of the painting, sometimes scary and sometimes not. At the time, I came up with the idea of making paintings and sculptures based on all the lions from different versions of the painting. So, when the CSA project came along, it made total sense because I can have 50 lions for my edition!”



We were lucky to be there when Lucia de-molded one of her first lions and spoke a little about what she was planning for the surface:  “I don’t know how this is going to be glazed, it’s a big mystery….I left the eyes big and flat so I could do some “crazy eyes”... there is something weird about making a three dimensional version of something that is flat, having to make up what the back and tail of the lion look like, based on a painted image.”


Sharing her process and brainstorming the possibilities and variables of her project are part of what makes Lucia so fun to work with and we can hardly wait to see her small army of peaceable lions with their “crazy eyes” and quirky grimace.

-- Ephraim Russell, 2017 CSA Organizer
-- Photos by Ephraim Russell

Here's a sneak peek taken in August 2017!


For the CSA project, Lucia is creating a series of fifty uniquely glazed lions.

You can buy a share here.

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