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  Studio Visit with Julianna Foster

On an uncharacteristically sunny morning in February, we went to check-in with photographer, Julianna Foster, and see how her 2017 Community Supported Art project was coming along.  She greeted us in the doorway of her South Philadelphia home, located on a tree-lined street dappled in bright light.  Over pastries from Termini Bros, we spoke in length about Julianna’s project at her dining room table -- our conversation periodically punctuated by the sounds from a nearby playground.  Laid out across the table were samples from her project -- well underway – each of the subdued and subtle images reflecting the artist’s poetic and formal approach to photography.


As Julianna explained her idea for the CSA share, it became clear that her generosity extends beyond the proffered pastries and coffee – in addition to the photographic print each shareholder will receive, Julianna is creating a photographic book and both print and book will be housed within a handmade cover.


“These are some starting prints – the size is going to be uniform and they are on a velvet paper that I plan on using.  These are some selections from the book, but the narrative is still coming together, so I can’t talk about from beginning to end, but it is about a wanderer.  The narrator is a figure that moves in and out of these domestic spaces and interior places. “


“Not to get too supernatural, but I do feel that the character will sort of move in and out of the portal.  The portal will take them to these other places that will make sense in terms of location and time.


“Then I have these moments – these quiet, pause moments throughout the book.”


“This is a mock up of the case.  I want to do a screen print on the surface with reflective metallic paint to look as if it’s a night sky ….   I was thinking about a velvet black, but it has to be something people can carry and hold.  So I am really thinking about that -- this is what people will get in the CSA. So they will have this case with a book inside of it.  I want it to be something lush – and dark."

Throughout our conversation about Julianna’s evocative and sometimes eerie imagery, we were having a hard time coming up with the right word to succinctly communicate the essential quality of the work. Liminality was kicked around, but discarded because of its overuse.  Julianna responded with good humor over our dilemma: “Let me know when you find that word!  Someone else wrote about it and she was referring to it as magic.  That word is used so much – but it’s like magic or a trickery.”    


We decided magic sounded about right… and awe… and wonder.  We invite you to decide for yourself – become a 2017 shareholder.

-- Cindy Stockton Moore, 2017 Community Supported Art Organizer
-- Photos by Amy Hicks, 2017 Community Supported Art Organizer

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