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  Grimaldi Baez, Interactive Drawing

Grimaldi Octavio Lucio Baez (1983 - living) is a self-described psychic proletariat and marginal citizen artist, involved with the IWW ( Invisible Workers of the World ) EHBF (Elmo Holms Brown Front) and other mercurial political organizations. The Influence Grimaldi had in the organization caused an ideological split within the IWW, with a reformist faction leaving to form the Problematic Wet Way Institute for Guerilla Psychonautics Research and Shamanic Labor Studies

Grimaldi Baez has designed a series of mapping activities to be performed in Philadelphia. Each expedition will produce physical drawn cartographic maps and sound maps of the city. For the CSA, collectors will receive an editioned print of a map and a sound survey-audio recording.

Click here for our studio visit with Grimaldi -- learn more about his process and project.
Visit the artist's website: http://grimaldibaez.com/
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