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For immediate release -- November 6, 2016: Philadelphia, PA

Five years after its first wildly successful launch in 2012, Grizzly Grizzly and CO’s Community Supported Art will return in 2017. Like a Community Supported Agriculture program, CSA supports a direct maker-to-buyer relationship between artists and collectors working and living in the Philadelphia region. Featuring a diverse range of contemporary art from local artists, the program offers curated “shares” of innovative and affordable artwork.

Grizzly Grizzly & CO. is thrilled to announce the six new artists for the 2017 Season:
Grimaldi Baez, interactive drawing
Leah Bailis, textile sculpture
Marc Blumthal, digital photographic arts
Julianna Foster, photographic book arts
Alexis Nutini, printmaking
Lucia Thomé, sculpture

In brief: The 50 shares of the 2017 CSA will go on sale December 2, 2016. Each “share” will cost $475 and include 6 editioned and unique artworks-- one from each of the curated group of artists. In addition, patrons who purchase a share before midnight on December 31, 2016 will receive a special edition silkscreen print by local artist, Anne Schaefer. Three pick-up events for the artwork will be scheduled for Fall 2017.

Please stay tuned for more information! Our full site will launch November 15th and will include: information about the three pick-up events scheduled throughout 2017, a listing of artists bios and proposed artwork, and details on how to purchase a share.

Grizzly Grizzly & CO. is comprised of Grizzly Grizzly members Talia Greene, Amy Hicks, Michael Konrad, Ephraim Russell, Cindy Stockton Moore, Josh Weiss, and fellow artists Jaime Alvarez, Anne Schaefer, Mary Smull. As a group, we are dedicated to cultivating an open, authentic, and deep connection between artists and collectors through programming at Grizzly Grizzly and projects city-wide.


Community Supported Art is program of Grizzly Grizzly and Co.